Samsung CIS Forum Gala Show

Monte Carlo, Monaco
  • Location:
    Salle des Etoiles - Monaco
  • Performance days:
  • Rehearsal days:
  • Performer:
  • On site team:
  • Audience:
    ca. 1300

Glamour in Monte Carlo!

A complete evening of entertainment from Dancing Bear Productions.
Acting, singing, dancing, live music and laser show supported the CEO who made his entrance by way of our integrated theatrical performance.

The night was illuminated not only by the Salle des Etoiles famous roof opening but also by our multi-lingual MC with a live band and songs in different languages for SamsungĀ“s international VIP guests.

Other highlights were an award winning Acapella group and stunning showgirls in Las Vegas feathers as well as the world premiere of a robotic laser arm allowing for 360 degree projection, creating a magical effect in this theater filled with mirrors. The show made a seamless transition into the after party.

  • Showgirls
  • Laser Dance Performance
  • Laser Dancer
  • Acapella Beatbox Performer closeup
  • Acapella Beatbox Performer
  • Show team